Promotional Products for CPA Firms

Published: 05th September 2008
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Small CPA firms and single owner accountancy firms face some unique challenges when trying to build business. Your income is dependent on your client list, and your client list is dependent on your ability to sell yourself and your services to your potential customers - but your professional image precludes many of the traditional venues for advertising. Promotional products offer a unique, low-key way of marketing your professional expertise without compromising your professional image. As a CPA you can use promotional products for:

- client prospecting
- upselling your current clients
- delivering information to new and existing clients
- introducing yourself to new businesses
- building name recognition

Here are some specific suggestions for ways to use promotional products for each of the above ends.

Client Prospecting
Building your client list is one of the most important aims of your marketing efforts. Many CPA firms rely on word of mouth, signage and discreet direct mail to find prospective new markets. Why use promotional products? Research by the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) regularly shows that when a promotional mailing includes a free gift, recipients are far more likely to respond positively. One of the most effective ways to use promotional products is to send a small gift by direct mail along with an offer to receive a more expensive gift when they respond. You might mail a small desk calendar with an offer to get a free calculator if the recipient calls to make an appointment to speak with a financial planner at your firm, for instance.

Upselling your clients
Building relationships with clients is a vital part of maintaining your custom. When you're prospecting, don't forget that one of your most profitable mines is your existing client list. Decide on a service that you want to market and order a leaflet describing it. Send out the leaflet to all of your existing customers who are not already using it, and offer them a mid-range promotional product like an MP3 player or flash drive to come in for presentation.

Delivering information to new and existing clients
While most people think of promotional products as free gifts and giveaways like printed pens and mouse mats, there is another side to the promotional products industry. Printed leaflets, flyers and promotional calendars are a very professional way of delivering information to your clients. Delivering reports in conference folders and presentation folders imprinted with your firm's name will make a very professional appearance.

Introducing Yourself to New Businesses
New businesses need your services. Introducing yourself to new businesses by sending a congratulatory gift along with your card will make a good impression on new business owners. Choose a gift that's both appropriate for their business and representative of yours.

Building Name Recognition
You want to get your name in front of clients as often as possible. There are a wide variety of promotional products that are designed for doing exactly that. Promotional pens printed with your firm name, mugs with your company logo and even sticky notes with your firm's name and contact information printed at the top or bottom are all good choices.

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